Our Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Our Patient Participation Group (PPG) was formed in 2011 and is made up of our patients along with some staff representation. We have a patient elected Chair and used to meet each quarter.

The main focus of the group is to help the practice to improve its services to patients. The practices’ aim is to include the PPG in key decision making and respond/reflect on feedback received. The purpose of the Clifton Road Surgery PPG is to be an independent patient focused voice representing the views of the patients of Clifton Road Surgery in order to influence the practice and improve services for patients, where possible and practicable. These meetings are intended to provide an exchange of general information between the practice and the patients and not personal issues.

Since the COVID19 Pandemic started our PPG meetings have ceased. This is largely due to us being able to respond to the Pandemic and implement safe measures to ensure patients are still cared for. The Chair has asked that we meet again and although GP Practices have been advised not to continue with certain services and activities for the time being, which includes PPG meetings, we have agreed this would be a good time to meet again so we can all reflect on what has happened and how we will be moving forward – however, this is still very much dictated by NHS England.

Our Chair has kindly arranged for us to meet in a large and airy venue, where everyone in attendance will wear masks. We want to invite any patients who want to join our PPG the opportunity to do so and welcome you to come along and meet us. The meeting will be held at 9.30am on Tuesday 24th August 2021, lasting for approx. 1 hour. If you would like to attend please complete the online PPG application form or just contact the surgery and the Reception Team will register your interest and we will then contact you with venue details.