Warwickshire County Council Carers Support

If you are a carer and need local support, please see the below leaflet:

Warwickshire Young Carers

Warwickshire Young Carers is here to help improve the lives of Young Carers across Warwickshire by offering free and confidential support.

Facebook: @WarwickshireYoungCarers

Twitter: @WarksYC

Telephone: 02476 217740



Cross Roads Care

Cross Roads Care works to relieve the stresses experienced by carers of children, young people and adults, who have care needs as a result of disability, illness or age, by offering respite services and support services, through the provision of community-based support staff in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Telephone: 02476 258816


Warwickshire Carer Wellbeing Service

Supported by Carers Trust, the aim of this service is to ensure that carers are supported in every way possible so that they are able to take on this vital role while maintaining their own wellbeing.

Facebook: @CarersTrustHeartofEngland

Twitter: @CarersTrustHofE

Telephone: 02476 632972



Carers UK

Their expert telephone advice and support service is here if you want to talk about caring. If you’re looking for answers, their online information and support is the best place to start.

Facebook: @carersuk

Twitter: @CarersUK

Telephone: 08088 087777