Overseas Surgery

We are seeing more patients going abroad for surgery including weight loss surgery.  Please be aware this is a very specialised area of care and GPs in the UK cannot share care with an overseas specialist.

Please see the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society statement on bariatric tourism.

Patients are coming back from overseas especially Turkey and asking us to undertake blood tests which the patient intends to send to the specialist overseas. This puts our clinicians in an impossible situation as the GMC is very clear that we are responsible for any blood tests we request, yet we have NO experience in post op care in this complex condition.

We are also no longer able to refer patients to UHCW after surgery, therefore you will have no appropriate follow on care.

We would never recommend going to overseas for surgery especially as we are seeing a number of patients returning with complications.

Self-funded Treatment within the UK

Please also note we are unable to provide follow-up care to patients who have surgery within the UK.  It is important that when you self-fund any treatment you ensure this includes follow-up care.