Fear of Flying

Medication for fear of flying

Clifton Road Surgery does not prescribe sedatives for fear of flying. This policy decision has been made by the GPs and is adhered to by all prescribers working in the practice for the following reasons:

  • Medications like diazepam are sedatives and therefore make you more relaxed and sleepier. If there is an emergency on the flight this may impair your ability to react appropriately therefore putting yourself and others at risk.
  • Sedative drugs could make you move around less during the flight, which could put you at increased risk of a blood clot.
  • The British National Formulary (BNF), the reference guide for prescribing medications in the UK states that benzodiazepines are contra-indicated in the treatment of phobias.
  • Diazepam and similar drugs are illegal in several countries therefore you may find yourself in trouble with the police if found to be importing illegal medications.
  • Diazepam stays in your system for quite a while. If your job or sport requires you to submit to random drug testing you may fail this having taken diazepam.

Please follow the links below for support with fear of flying: